The QUICKjump family of free fall devices were designed as a natural extension of our patented magnetic braking technology, allowing a jumper a thrilling free fall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. They give riders the sensation of a real free fall, and it makes a QUICKjump the perfect addition to a ropes course or any outdoor attraction that want...
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Jungle Coaster

รถไฟฟ้า โป่งแยง_7071
The passengers drive in safety guided twin-bob-comfort-sledge on a rail guided summer toboggan run and determine their velocity up to 40 km/h at whim. The Jungle Coaster simply supports itself without basement from the ground,pegs keep the ground. The tobogganist experiences a fascinating and diversified ride in partial aerial heights as the run can be assembled between 1 m and...
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Zipline activities Package C : 5 Zip-lines, 4 Sky bridges,1 Abseiling,2 ladders, 1 Sky Tricycle, 1 “MONG” Race Car The first platform and the last platform will start and end near the office, which customers can walk to the first platform. and walk back from the last platform to the office easily and not too tired. In addition to nodes with multiple line sling. In many ...
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