Zipline activities
  • Package C : 5 Zip-lines, 4 Sky bridges,1 Abseiling,2 ladders, 1 Sky Tricycle, 1 “MONG” Race Car
The first platform and the last platform will start and end near the office, which customers can walk to the first platform. and walk back from the last platform to the office easily and not too tired. In addition to nodes with multiple line sling. In many other bases have a variety of activities to provide customers one-stop fun experience, whether it is a sky bridge, sky tricycle, Abseiling from height 15 meters.

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Pongyang zipline Adventure is approximate 2 hours for  A  canopy tour, providing adventures and environmental education.   Tour groups will be limited to groups of up to 10 accompanied by at least two guides.  The tour through the forest canopy will be led by guides trained.Participant qualification

  1. Pongyang Zipline Adventure are designed for participants of average mobility, fitness and strength who are in reasonably good health. Obesity, High blood pressure, cardiac and coronary artery disease, pulmonary problems, pregnancy, arthritis, prior head, neck, or back injuries or other joint and muscular-skeletal problems may impair the safety and well-being of participants; as may other medical, physical, psychological and psychiatric problems (Conditions).  All or any of these Conditions may increase the inherent risks of experience and cause the Participant to be a danger to themselves or others.
  2. Pongyang Zipline allowed participants who have age between 7 – 70 years old. And the maximum weight is 100kg.  Pongyang Zipline reserves the right to ask Participants to be weighed prior to taking part in the activity.
  3. Participants under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian properly authorized to agree to these Booking Terms and sign the Participation Waiver on that minor’s behalf.
  4. Zipline is an outdoor activity. Weather is changeable therefore all Participants must dress accordingly.
  5. Smoking is not permitted at any time anywhere on our site or in any of our vehicles.
  6. During the course of the tour, representatives of Pongyang Zipline may make video and/or photographic recordings that may included the Participant’s voice and/or image. Participants agree that any and all such recordings will be the sole and exclusive property of Pongyang Zipline and that Pongyang Zipline is authorized to use such recordings or photography in any manner it so chooses without any further agreement by the Participant.
  7. Any information supplied to us will be used solely for the purpose of providing our products or services. We will not sell, rent or otherwise make available to any third-party any of your personal information except as required to do so by Thailand law or by the order any other regulatory body.

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